Top Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Deciding to quit smoking is a very brave and tough decision, as smoking is an addiction, so like any other addiction, will take a strong person to quit without problems. Quitting smoking takes a huge amount of willpower, so any tips or aids will be welcome.

Some of the top tips to help you quit smoking are:

1. Make a definite plan of action; fix the day you will start and inform everyone around you; family, friends, work colleagues.

Let them know your plans and get their help and support. They need to be aware of what you are about to go through and to expect mood swings and irritability at times. While you have to use strong willpower to quit smoking, you will also need the support and understanding of those closest to you.

2. Fill your cupboards at home and your desk, briefcase etc with healthy snack items, like nuts, grapes, cherries, cherry tomatoes, (any bite sized fruit is great, as easy to 'pop' into your mouth as candy, but any fruit is good too) oat cakes, cereal bars, carrots and celery. Gum or candy should be sugar-free, as you want to avoid weight gain where possible and prevent rotting your teeth! Keeping snacks at hand will make it easier when cravings hit, to take something else as a substitute.

3. Find a hobby or pastime you can do to keep your hands busy. Most smokers say apart from the addiction to nicotine, they find themselves reaching for cigarettes when they have idle hands; so keep those hands busy! At the workplace nowadays no one can smoke, so there's a start to your quit smoking plan, but in your leisure time or on breaks is where the fun begins! Anything which keeps your hands busy and your mind occupied will help immensely. Try a handheld video game, a manual dexterity puzzle, sketching, doodling, knitting, crossword puzzles, or writing, are good. Best of all, keep a diary or journal; writing each day about your trials and successes will not only keep your hands and mind busy, but keeping a record will give you something to refer to for encouragement.

4. Make yourself an exercise plan; whatever your fitness and usual routine allows, from a brisk walk morning and evening, to a full workout plan at the gym. Swimming and bike riding are good too; exercise releases endorphins which keep the heart healthy, reduce stress and anxiety, while generally helping with internal harmony. Those who already have a fitness routine should increase levels considerably when trying to quit smoking.

5. Remove all smoking related items from your home, car and workplace. Not only cigarettes, but lighters, ashtrays, anything which will make you think of smoking. Surround yourself instead with bowls of nuts, seeds and fruit, as well as your hobby items; puzzles, pen & paper, journal etc. When cravings hit, (and they will, frequently) take something to chew on and pick up whatever you need to keep hands and brain occupied.

6. Last, but by no means least; keep a glass of water at hand at all times. Instead of reaching for the cigarette on the ashtray, reach for the water glass and take sips. Water will not only keep you hydrated, but stave off nicotine cravings, while at the same time helping your stomach feel full, so you will be less likely to compensate with food.

These are the top tips to help you quit smoking, but there are obviously many other ideas, and especially devised plans to help you in this tough time. The best way to quit smoking is to find the right plan for you, which you will find easiest to follow and give you the best results. Good luck!



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